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Looking for something a little brighter than stock, not just super white. I'd like something with a slight blue hue to it, but not too much blue cause that's uuber illegal.
Let me know what you've got, what's nice... I'm not getting any APC ones they have at the auto parts store. I've done some experimenting enough with my car to find out all those suck.

If you do recommend something, also add where I can order it from. :)


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I had some EuroDezigns 5200K Xenon/Krypton Bulbs in Mine. But the version I'm running are 100W Low Beam 95W High Beam. They're Super White with a Blue Tint. The only down fall is, because of the higher wattage, my high beam blew out last year. Time to replace the bulb. If the second one doesn't make the summer, I'll try a set of their D.O.T approved ones and see if that helps.

The D.O.T approved bulbs on eBay that EuroDezins now have are 6000K Xenon/Krypton bulb that uses the normal street legal wattage, (65W/55W I beleive).

To look at these, just go on eBay....and do a search on Eurodezigns.
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