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Hi everyone...
Stumbled upon this forum whilst trying to find out info on the '05 zx6r.
I'm trying to convince my pillion riding missus that the bike wont be too uncomfortable (riding a triumph at the mo.). I dont do track riding but just want a sexy bike to ride through the streets of london with. (im a poser i know :mrgreen: )
All the reviews say the '05 is more of a road bike than last year with its softer suspension and wider bars. However i have found a dealer selling the '04 bike for only £5500 which is lot less than the £7300 on the '05 model. They say the pillion seat is more comfy on the '04 as its bigger and has a lip on it to stop forward movement. Is there that much difference between the bikes for comfort? Has anyone ridden 2-up on the '05 (demo rides dont start till march and i cant wait that long!) I appreciate these bikes are far from being tourers but i need to use it on a daily basis for fun and commuting short distances, often 2-up.
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