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I had to swap out my handlebars due to a small "incident." I was able to
swap everything over from the old to the new, except for the grips.

I looked around at what was available, but the only thing I found that I
liked were a pair of Harley "pilot" grips from kuryakyn.

for the most part everything goes together fairly easy, but found two
issues fairly quickly.

the directions say to put the left grip on 1st, but if you do that, there
is no way to match the grips. so it has to be done last.

the other, which is a bit more difficult, is that the Harley grip has a slightly
larger outside diametre then the kawi one, where it fits into the housing
assembly. so there is a choice, either widen the housing, or replace the
inner grip assembly from the old kawi grip.

I chose to replace the inner grip assembly. . . 3 hours later, I finally got
all of the Harley one removed. installing the Kawi was easy..

I am very happy with the way it turned out.

I didn't think about taking pics till the end. so I only have a couple .

the last will be replaced as soon as I can get time in the sunlight
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