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Has anyone put F &S engine guard on an 04 1600 classic

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I bought one when I bought my bike, along with windshield and passenger backrest. I bought it from the deal and got the part# for my bike, when I got home I started installing and I'll all happy everything is bolting right up, no hassles, I'm glad I saved the guard for last because the lower bolts didn't fit through the holes in the guard, I was disappointed but not upset, took it back and brought the bolt with me to make sure it’ll go through the new one, nope exact same problem. They offered to drill out the hole and I told I could’ve done that at home and not drove 30 miles here, we checked another out of the box guard, and bolt still won’t fit. Service guy got involved and said he could drill it out with out messing up the chrome, I told him could do it but if he goofed it was their guard, success finally!!! I get home all happy and ready to go for a ride cause it wont take long to put it on, wouldn't you know the hole don't line up.... I can only get 3 lined up and the fourth is not even close. Now I was pissed and disgusted and haven't missed with it for 3 months now. Has anyone else had trouble like this? Someone told me it sounds like I got a guard for a 1500 classic but the part #’s are different.
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Bulldog said:
I had the same problem with my F&S engine guard. I wound up getting the right lower bolt cross threaded. It was a pain. I don't expect to purchase much F&S stuff in the future. There are too many options from other vendors.
Most of the Fire & Steel stuff come from folks like Cobra (I think the 800 backrest/mount/rack is Cobra stuff), Jardine (the 800/1500 billet lite bar)... so they contract it out to other companies and then put it in their F&S packaging. I know that I purchased the rear peg eliminator kit for the 1600 Meanstreak... don't know who it came from, but it sure fit like a piece of pookie... and their instructions really sucked for installation. I followed theirs and it wanted to cross-thread one of the bolts (not to mention the bottom bolt to mount the muffler mount was to short). Finally did it the way it looked like it should be done (after getting longer bolt) and it worked fine.
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