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Has anyone put F &S engine guard on an 04 1600 classic

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I bought one when I bought my bike, along with windshield and passenger backrest. I bought it from the deal and got the part# for my bike, when I got home I started installing and I'll all happy everything is bolting right up, no hassles, I'm glad I saved the guard for last because the lower bolts didn't fit through the holes in the guard, I was disappointed but not upset, took it back and brought the bolt with me to make sure it’ll go through the new one, nope exact same problem. They offered to drill out the hole and I told I could’ve done that at home and not drove 30 miles here, we checked another out of the box guard, and bolt still won’t fit. Service guy got involved and said he could drill it out with out messing up the chrome, I told him could do it but if he goofed it was their guard, success finally!!! I get home all happy and ready to go for a ride cause it wont take long to put it on, wouldn't you know the hole don't line up.... I can only get 3 lined up and the fourth is not even close. Now I was pissed and disgusted and haven't missed with it for 3 months now. Has anyone else had trouble like this? Someone told me it sounds like I got a guard for a 1500 classic but the part #’s are different.
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Fire and Steel

Of all of the items I pruchased for my bike, the only problems I have had with any of them are the ones from F&S. My first purchase was a backrest. It came through with a big yellow blotch on the chrome bracket. Showed the dealer and they tried to buff it out. That didnt work, got another one. Then I ordered dresser bars. The Chrome on them was Hiddeous to say the least. Heavy grinding marks chromed over and little pimples of chrome popped out of other places. I returned them and waited for another set to come in. Same thing. I contacted a dealer online that admitted to me that F&S quality varies. He had a set that was clean. Same price, better condition. I bought from him. Ordered a headlight louver. It came through with a rediculous setup of installation. When I finally wrote a letter to Kawasaki and told them that I love their bike but the quality of their addon products have a lot to be desired, they told me that I had ample time to return the item to the dealer if I was'nt satisfied and that they are sorry that I feel that way about their product. Period. P.S. I dont buy any of my accesseries from Fire and Steel anymore. I find Cobra to have very good quality chrome and fitment. There are many other places that sell accessories for bikes and they make items that look like they have been on the bike from the start.
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They are on!!!

Got my Cobra Guards today. Instructions were clear and simple. It took me about 20 mins to install and the fitment was perfect. Since its 54 here in Northern VA, I went for a quick ride to show them off. To bad no one noticed. Oh well they look good to me.

I recommend the Cobra Guards, easy to install and no fitment issues.

Since this seems like the thread to discuss F&S quality... has anyone had any problems with the F&S double leather saddle for the Mean Streak?
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