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headlight wont always come on 01 vulcan 1500 classic FI

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OK so i am having a problem with the headlight on my bike. One day it just didnt come on when i stated the bike. Figured it was the fuse so i changed it with a fresh one. I had done this in the dark on the side of the road so i didnt check to see if the fuse was bad, i just assumed. Started the bike back up and the headlight came on. I thought i had fixed the problem. I ignored it for a while because i wasnt doing a lot of night riding. The next time i went for a night ride it happened again but i was at home still so i pulled the fuse and checked it and it was still good. Started the bike back up and the headlight came on. Now i really pay attention to if the headlight comes on and it only comes on about half the time. I have to keep turning the bike off and back on to have the headlight come on. Anybody have any ideas as to why it only sometimes comes on and it "fixes itself" by turning the bike off and back on? Any ideas will help. Thanks guys
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Bad headlight relay. Get the Factory Manual for your bike, in the mean time, follow the lines back to the relay, and either replace it, or take it apart, and clean the contacts. You can test them, but get the manual first. If you know how relays work, it's easy to bench test them. :)
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