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Hello All

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just thought i would say hello to you all. i am really into bikes, my brother has a zxr400 amd i would like to get, i am goin to put in for my test soon but i think i need to do my cbt again as i think is has run out. does the cbt only last for 2 years or is it 3 years? :D


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Welcome to the Forum. Get on to your profile ans let us in on some info about you, your hobbies, crafts, interests....even your job, should you have to work... It's a great place to find out things about your bike, someone elses bike, even where to find things and some things you probably won't want to see...(tank bras vrs thongs)...fell like asking any question just go ahead...
thanks mate

do u know how long a cbt lasts for?

Not a clue...I didn't even have to take a test when I received my license, way back 35+years ago...
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