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Hi all,

Switched from loving cars to bikes last summer, doing my DAS just now and picked up a 1992 gpz500s for 500 quid during winter. Looking for some info/opinion on my gpz if you'd be so kind.

1. Was imported from Europe in 1993 but manufactured 1992.
2. Has dual front discs and rear drum but this doesn't tie up with spec sheets I've looked at. Would someone have likely swapped/upgraded in the last 30 years or was it Euro spec?
3. Log book says red, I was looking for some pictures of what it was like when new and can't find any, maybe someone has mixed and matched the fairings at some point or maybe just painted sections? Had intended to get new decals but no idea how it should look.
4. It's got a 2 into 1 exhaust rather than a 2 in 2 so I'm assuming the belly pan no longer fitted, or again was three another spec that didn't have this?

Any thought or opinion is welcome.

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