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I live in the UK and passed my test about one month ago, because of my age I was able to do a Direct Access (DAS) course to obtain an unrestricted category A license. I failed my first test (left an indicator on), but passed my second.

I bought my clothing and first bike two weeks ago and I collected the bike on Saturday.

I got a 2001 J2 Kawasaki ZX-6R Ninja in yellow, totally stock apart from a rear hugger fitted by a previous owner. It was already Datatagged and I've had a Datatool System 3 alarm immobiliser and some R&G crash protectors (black) fitted. I want to get a double bubble screen.

I'm really pleased with it and am riding as much as I can when the weather's dry as I do not have any waterproofs yet.

I got Frank Thomas Strike two piece leathers and gloves in black/silver/white, Gaerne Shockwave boots in black and a Shoei XR-1000 Diabolic TC-5.

I found this forum via a Google search yesterday and thought I'd say "Hello!"

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Welcome to the forum......Sweet bike and sharp looking leathers...

We have a lot of fun up here shooting the breeze and talking about Kawis!!!!

Ride Safe Ride Sane.


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glad to have you here and nice to see that you bought protective gear immediately. that is quite a sharp looking color combo, make sure to post pics of yours in the pic forum as soon as you get some.
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