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How about riders in Utah with a "Mean Streak"? Guess they're al a friendly group of riders now that thy have Kawasaki's under them....Sorry, I couldn't resist! I'm looking forward to a trip up to MT. next year to, hopefully, buy a bike from Beartooth Kawasaki. Had the map out and I think that I've missed out on some great country to see...Utah wasn't a fun place for me when it was snowing , I was pullig a 36' 5th wheel and blew the brakes on the trailer, and then had the guys blow my rheostat in the truck...made if home to KCK without brakes, ice, snow, PRAYERS and ready to jump from the truck in a second! Maybe a summer trip would be more fun with daylight hours on a motorcycle...
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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