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Helmet woes

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My helmet, Fulmer AFM Modus, is now 6 moths old and has 6000 miles of ride/wear time. Over the last couple weeks it has started to feel like someone is giving me double fisted noogies on top of my head. It feels like the padding has compressed and the helmet is fitting a little looser than before allowing it rub my head. I have bought a helmet liner and it helps a little.

So my question is, is this nomal and can I do anything about it? Or, should I start looking for a new helmet?
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Well, the easy answer would be "new helmet", but I'm not really sure. Fulmer makes a good lid, so I'm surprised the padding would be breaking down so quickly. I bought an HJC about 2 years ago and it's still fine for me, despite my son sticking his fat head in it all the time! It is slightly looser than it was when I first bought it, but still fits fine and does not move around much.

Maybe you should try one size smaller to begin with, and then with compression, will still be a good fit?????
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