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i have i 03 kawi prarie that wont read any speed on the display and will not go into 4wd i am testing the speed sensor as manual states the black yellow wire ground, the orange red power, and the pink wire is the signal wire the manual says a reading of 0-5 vdc should be present with the wheels off the ground and spinning key on i am not even getting a volt so i replaced the sensor with no change in my readings it still is not showing over a volt just to make sure i was testing it correctly i tested my teryx that has the same exact speed sensor to verify the testing procedure and i was getting the 0-5 vdc there is it possible that the pulse signal off the gear in the case could be at fault or am i missing something

my readings
bk/y is .02 ohms
orange/red is batt voltage but is brown on the teryx but still batt voltage
and the pink wire on the prarie is a .01-.08vdc and a 2.0-5.0vdc teryx
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