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HI guys new to this but needed help from like minded people ive been rubuilding single cylinder bikes for ages finnaly bought my self round to bying a 4 cylinder bike its a 1988 GPZ600r

problem 1: when starting up if she sits at about (1rpm x1000 ) theres a slapping noise almost knocking noise but its only there at about tht many revs if i turn the tick over to 2rpm then its gone ??? my cams in the middle on this particular bike im sure enyways as the adjuster is in the middle of the bike under the carbs confused as i said this is my 1st 4 cylinder bike so have jumoed straight into deep water please help.dave AND THE NOISE IS SOUNDS LIKE ITS ON THE LEFT SIDE NOT THE CLUTCH SIDE AS I NO THIS MODEL HAS A SLIGHT CLUTCH CASE RATTLE.

problem 2: wen she starts up from her high rev tick over ill put it in gear and let the clutch out and she will stall but if i catch it right ill pull the clutch back in wen shes about to die and shell be back reving PERSONNALY have no idea i had a kmx 125 tht wouldnt pull away with out stalling an it turnd out to be the neutral cable but i checked tht on this bike its fine ????? help cheers dave please email me at [email protected] with your answers cheers.


also is miss fiiring eny ideas to that guys??
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