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Help, my steering is not aligned properly...

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Help, my steering is not aligned with my front wheel...

Well, on Halloween I laid my bike down going about 30 mph. I scraped my knees open, but that's healed by now. What I did notice however, is that my steering wheel is towards the right when the bike is going straight, and therefore the bike goes left if I leave the handlebars perfectly straight and push off.
This must have happened when the bike landed on its right side, and the right handle and brake slid on the road and were pulled back farther than they should.

Anyway, now it's really getting to bug me that the handlebars are off, and I want to have it fixed. Thing is I'm a bit new to bikes in general. I can fix cars relatively easily, but I've never worked on bikes.

What would I have to do to put my steering straight again? I'm pretty good w/a toolset, and I'm not completely unfamiliar with how machines work.

Also, (but this has been an issue even before the crash) whenever I let go of the handlebars, the bike begins to wobble pretty hard, until I put my hands down and smooth it out again.... What's up with this? How can this be fixed?

Any help would be much appreciated,
Thanks :)
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Check your steering stops for crash damage when your bike went for a slide without you.

It is possible that the fork tubes are twisted in the clamps. the fork tubes might or might not be bent.

There are many possible causes for a wobble. Poor tire condition. Incorrect air pressure. Loose steering head bearings. Rear wheel cocked due to improper chain adjustment for starters.
+1 ^^ - elr658 gave some great advice. If you've got some wrenching capabilities get a manual & pull the front end apart. Torque spec's on the front are surprising light - meaning triple clamp bolts are usually the 18-20 ft. pds. range so it just might have twisted the tubes - so get it apart, check the steering head bearings, fork tubes, and put it back together so you know it is correct.

It is possible that the fork tubes are twisted in the clamps.

the fork tubes might or might not be bent.
The first one is almost dead certain, the second is a maybe. Lift the front wheel and loosen the fork clamp bolts and try to wiggle the tubes. That may be all you need.

If the tubes are bent, you can grab each tube and rotate it and see the wheel position angle change slightly as the tube turns. On mine, I just rotated the tubes until I got the wheel headed straight and that fixed it.
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