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What would be the symptoms of a Fuel Filter being clogged ? the bike isnt running right...i give the bike gas and it dies. but it will idle fine.
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Here is exactly what happens.... I can only start the bike with the choke fully on... when i take the choke off it idles at like 1500rpm... if i give it gas the bike dies with or without the choke on. i just put new fuel lines on from the gas tank to the Fuel Shut off valve...the Fuel filter looks fine... i took the line off where the fuel goes into the carbs. and cranked the bike and fuel came out... i have no idea whats wrong. The Fuel pump is working i know...the fuel filter looks clean the lines looks clear. Anyone know what could be wrong ?
maybe this will help ... this is from the ZX-7R owners club message board. This guy had the same problem as me maybe he explained it better. "hey, im new to this site, i just bought a 95 zx7 from a dealership, and as far as i know all it has on it is a yoshi slip on. its been riding great, but the other day, it ran out of gas, i switched to reserve, but could only get it to start with the choke full out, the second i touched the throttle (choke in or out) it died. i coasted it to a gas station, filled up and still the same problem. this was the first time since i bought it that i had to switch to reserve, but now even in on it will only rev a little then bog down big time and die. ive checked for leaks, the fuel filter is good, and the pump seems to be good. it will idle just fine after it warms up, but crack the throttle and it dies. im out of ideas short of tearin into the carbs. if anyone has any, it would be much appreciated..."

Thats my exact problem this is what the people posted to reply to that but it didnt help me too much

I had an identical problem on my L3, and it was because the fuel line had a big air bubble and wouldn't prime to fill the filter.

Pull the fuel line off at the point where it enters the carbs, put the line in a bucket, and turn on ignition. You need to confirm that your fuel pump is working, and that everything upstream is functioning before you tear into the carbs. My $0.02 US says you aren't getting fuel to the pump.

Then hook the fuel line back up and pressurize the bowls. Then check to see whether the bowls have fuel. If no, it's probably float needles.

If the bowls have fuel, check the air filter. Then you'll be ready to tear into the carbs, but I think you'll be riding before then. "
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i dont think i have a prime but its in run. and the gas is new.
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