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Hi Guys,

Thought i would introduce myself and ask a quick question.

My name's Glenn, I live in a paradise called Cairns in Queensland (Australia). I'm 23 and i've been rideing (dirt bikes) since i was about 12.

I've just caught the rideing bug again recently and i've got my unrestricted open licence, which allows me to ride anything on the road. I've test ridden a few bikes and i'm not really sure what to pick for a first road bike.

(NOTE. Australian Insurance providers are extremely expensive so at the moment i'm really only looking for a naked bike)

I've ridden 3 bikes so far that fit the insurance requirements:

Honda VTR 250 - Too Slow. Nice handeling but bad in a headwind.

Kawasaki ER-5 - Nice power but hated twinshock and rear drum

Suzuki GS500 - Again, nice power, nice handeling but not too keen on air cooled.

Basically what i'm asking is for any comments on the GS500 vs the ER-5?

Thanks Guys 8)

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I believe the ER-5 is just like the EX500 in the states, I have a EX500D, which has disc brakes in the back. I love the bike itself, I've put nearly 3K miles on it in 3 months, and that is with winter setting in. (put 100 miles yesterday) I've gone through and put on a jardine full exhaust, k&N air intake, and rejetted the carbs. It is a great bike, plenty of power and it handles well. It is easy to maintain too. I don't know about the GS500, I looked at buying one, but never got the chance.

ER-5 is a good choice though.
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