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Currently, I am working on a motorcycle engine that is off of a wrecked bike(Kawaski Z1000 03-06 model). I have been working on the engine for about 3 months trying to diagnose the issues with why it won't start. I have finally figured out all the wiring issues however the bike only runs with starter fluid. The injectors are working and so is the fuel pump and the engine does produce spark, however, I cannot get the engine to run. The two things that I have narrowed this issue down to are:

1. the gas is stale now, I've had it in my garage in a gas can for 3-4 months now


2. the engine is completely flooded, in which case I would need someone to describe how to unflood a motorcycle engine.

additionally, no FI light comes on when in dealer mode 1.

Help is much appreciated!
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