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I have purchased a ZX6 engine to fit my hovercraft I now have it mounted in a frame but am having surging problems it starts fine but wil not open up without spitting back big time after running for a few seconds the rpm surges up and down for about 10 secs then it will die.If you blip the throttle the second it starts it will intantly go to 6k+ but imediately the rev counter drops to zero and it stops but will start again instantly. The engine number starts FE but I am told by the local kwaka agent it is prob a model G all I know is the ignitor box has only 2 square plugs on it and the generator casing is not ribbed. the rectifier also just has one plug. I am using the electric pump and the main airbox is fitted. The engine has stood awhile and when we first started it all seemed ok for about 30 secs it then stopped and it has been agro ever since.
Please can somebody help.
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