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just crashed my yellow (bought it used so i didn't have an option on this) 2006 zx-10r due to gravel on brand new asphalt and poor visibility... hadn't taken that road before and caught myself at a low speed low side fall on the left side of the bike.
here's the damage:
-bent front rim
-bent tank: crotch area... yes... i'm in pain!!!
-scratched swing arm
-road rash on left side fairing (top and bottom)
-road rash on left mirror
-road rash on clutch lever and handle bar end weight
-broken shift lever
-cracked upper fairing (windshield area)
i haven't found anything else so far... yet i have the slight feeling that i will.
anyway, this is my cry for help!!! if anyone has any of these parts for sale, it would be greatly appreciated! please email me at [email protected] or reply to this thread. the priority is obviously the front rim and the shift lever. everything else can wait. the tank is dent badly but it's not leaking fuel, so i can live with that for now.
thanx for taking the time to feel my pain!!!

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Sorry to hear about your get-off, it happens tho!
Since your bike hit hard enough to bend the rim and tank, I'd strongly suggest having it looked at to be sure you didn't tweak the forks or frame.
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