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*I'm going to post this here since it isn't getting any responses in the cruiser section.*

Ok here is the problem,

All of the sudden last night after I filled up and my bike turned 19,004 miles on the clock, I left the gas station and when I came to a red light the bike just stalled. It fired right back up. Then I noticed that every so many stop lights after sitting at idle, when I would try to pull out It would give a little hesitation then you would here a "ping" like a tuning fork and then it would go. I would have no problems powering through the gears. Some times when I would be cruising in 2nd and let off the gas a bit, the exhaust didn't seem to be grumbling as much as it used to. It almost seemed like it was costing in 5th gear at 30 miles an hour.

I have no idea where to even start with this. The oil is fine, just topped it off last night and it is where it is supposed to be. I only have a set of Cobra HP 2 into 1 pipes on it. I have not changed the plugs or wires on it since I got it (Brand new left over 2005 purchased in October of 2007). Do regular oil changes on it. Other than that it has never been in an accident, and is spotless. No fluid leaks. The gas cap has "barffed" a little fuel a couple times when I fill it up past the bottom of the cup and the engine is hot, but nothing extreme and figured it was just pressure build up due to it being hot and full.

Any ideas on where to start with this? Like I said it fires right up, and is only occasionally happening when I try to pull out. I rode all day today and this just started tonight after I picked up my wife when she was done working.

The loud ping does occasionally happen when the bike sits for say a week without being started and when I start it up and it sounds like it is going to stall I rev it a bit, Occasionally I'll get a ping or pop and then it revs fine. This has never happened though while the bike has been run all day and is plenty warm.


Last night after looking at gadget's page i checked the throttle body for carbon build up and these rings that supposedly cause issues with erratic idling. The ports were pretty much clean and no sings of any carbon rings that I could see. I used some solvant and cleaned up the butterflies so they are nice and shiney along with both ports. Rode the bike to work today, still didn't feel right. The bike still feels like it is not being held back enough by the engine when attempting to coast in 2nd gear. and the exhaust is not barking like it used to.

It feels like there is a loss of back pressure. You know that feeling you get when you down shift from 3rd gear to 2nd and the exhaust barks a bit and you can feel the bike braking with the engine.

You don't think that the muffler needs to be repacked do you? I put about 10 thousand miles on the bike since I put the Cobra HP Power Pro 2 into 1 exhaust on last April.

I didn't notice any hesitation this morning but I didn't have that long of a ride to work to see if it stated again like after riding yesterday for a while then it started. I did notice that I had to kick the idle down after cleaning the ports.

Where should I start? Seafoam for the injectors? Bad plugs?


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