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Hey all, just a few pictures for those of you who remember me..

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Hey guys,

Some of you may remember from a couple months back. I was trying to decide of I should get the 06' streetbob or not, and we got into this great, big heated discussion.

Well, I did end up getting it. Although I did absolutely LOVE my vulcan 900 custom, I just wanted something a bit different and I don't think I could be any happier with my decision. Anyway, thanks again so very much to those who helped me with my previous bike and giving me advise.

But for now, here are some pics. Enjoy all!

Pictures are of my 06' streetbob and my old mans 05' honda VTX 1300.

Since I've gotten the bike, I've added the following mods:
- Passenger mounting bracket for pegs, and skull pegs.
- Passenger pillion
- Harley ridgid side plates, medium medallion sissy bar with skull medallion and 105th anniversary backrest pad
- Kuryakyn ISO grips with stilleto end caps and throttle boss
- Smoked lenses for turning signals
- Vance and Hines Big Radius pipes
- Arlen Ness big sucker stage 1 kit
- Vance and Hines FuelPak

The pinstriping and forward controls were already on the bike when I first bought it.

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i love the latest trend of flat matte paint.

your ride looks sweet
I can't see the pics, but congrats!
Man that thing is sweet!! My wife sat on one last week in Va Beach. She really liked the feel & I must say it did feel really good! I would be really interested in hearing your review & comparrison to your 900! :biggrin:
Nice looking ride you got there.
The Street Bob is one of my favorite Harleys. And those pipes you have are wicked!
The Street Bob is one of my favorite Harleys. And those pipes you have are wicked!
Mine too. It's a sick ride, Adrian. Congrats again with it.
So sweet!!! And I agree about the flat black, just great.
Thank you all for the kind words. I'd definitely have to say its probaly my favorite bike that Harley makes as well. Now, wether or not the fact that I own it gives me a biased opinion or not, who knows, but I sure do love it!

As far as comparison goes...

I loved my vulcan 900 very, very much. But since I've had this bike, I've been much happier. Comfort wise, its quite a bit more comfortable, but that may be because it has forward controls with heelrests. But this bike is a 6 SPEED! I can't get over how smooth it rides going 70-75. It feels like your at idle speed when it 6th gear. When I was on my 900 custom, going 70 was just high RPM's and all kinds of vibrating which made highway riding very uncomfortable. I just came back from Daytona with my girlfriend and I did 80 the whole there with one hand up and was completely fine. It was just amazing. It was a 3 hour ride total. I logged about 500 miles there and back. I've put 5,000 miles on the bike since I've had it, which has been only about 2 months or so. And man, do these pipes bark! They are quite loud and I love it.

If I had to do it all over again, I would have made the same decision. Although, the 900 custom was VERY good to me. Great bike to learn on IMO. I sometimes wish I still had it to ride around with, but I'm quite content with what I have.

Thanks again everyone!

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And man, do these pipes bark! They are quite loud and I love it.
They're not called "hellraisers" for nothin'. ;-)
Cool, congratulations! :D

I love the look of that Matte Black with the pinstriping, very nice.
Two nice looking bikes!
Hey- where ya been?

Those pipes look perfect on that scoot! I'm glad yer likin' it.
Really nice Looking Bike, I Love the looks of a lot of HD's but cant afford them but I guess thats why there are all kinds of bike manufacturers and we all can enjoy what we can afford, Please enjoy it it s a great looking Bike :)

Those pipes on the HD look Sweeeeeet!!!
I'll bet they sound good too...:smile:
Thanks guys. I think the black denim with the pinstripes is what drew me into this bike. I just LOVED the way it looked.

And as far as being able to afford this bike..

It really is all about having decent credit if your financing it. This bike is only an extra $50 a month then what I was paying for my 900 custom. Now, of course its over a a period of 7 years but I think its well worth it. I went into the dealership just messing around, wanting to look and just sit on a couple bikes, and one thing led to another, I ended up taking this bike home a couple days later. I had no idea I would be getting it, nor did I have intentions of getting it for the simple fact that I'm only 20 years old, and didn't really have that much established credit.. but apparently the guys there really worked with me and I was able to get it, with no money down too!

But yes, I will enjoy it very much. Thanks again for the comments!

You all enjoy your bikes as well, and ride safe!

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