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Hey Girls.....Intro Yourself

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Tell us about yourself.....
What you do, ride, hobbies, etc......
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My name is Heather , I am 49 years old. I bought my first bike when I was 19.( my Mom freaked out :shock: )..before I even knew how to drive a stick (car).

I have ridden bikes most of my life in all types of weather. I enjoy cruisin, baking, target shooting with pistols, hunting, camping and gardening. I have a husband (Mack) who also loves bikes and two boys..Patrick is 13 and Joshua will be 17 this month!!. They both enjoy reading 2up on the back of our bikes.

I am an Executive Assistant for a small chemical company..push paper and do Compliance and Regulatory Affairs


Welcome back!!!!! I have an older BMW in the Garage right now. I am hoping that my husband will do the restoration on it this winter so that it will be ready in the Spring.

This Ladies only forum was NinjaGirls idea.....its working out great!!!!

Hope to see you up here a lot!!!!

Eide SAfe/Ride Sane
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it is cool.....I think we must all have a rebellious streak in us to have started riding that log ago :D ......I used to be in the Navy and stationed across the bay in Bangor. I have been all up and down the west coast on my bike....rode my BMW all year round in the Pacific North West.

I tried off road biking when I first started riding, but didn't have much fun and kept loosing turn signals :roll:

I got to go for now...drop me a PM if you like.


My husband is a KY native from a little one horse town south of Bowling Green called Lewisburg....When I was getting close to retirement in the US Navy I started looked for a place to settledown. The only place that I could afford a house with a bit of acreage was here in KY....wanted to settle down in WA, Montana or Idaho, but land was too expensive.

It is true that I am very worldly compared to the natives. But that is OK I am used to getting stared at...I have great neighbors and 56 acres of my own land to do what I please on. :D I am grateful that I was able to acheive my dream of owning a "farm" even if we only grow timber and rocks!!!!

Today was a gorgeous day to be out riding. So all four of us went for a ride to Glasgow to deposit my paycheck and to do some shopping. Then we went to Horse Cave for their yearly Heritage Festival. Free music, lot of exibits and booths. Had a great day.

Keep the rubber side down,

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Welcome to the forum and to motorcycling!!!!! If you are hearing clicking when you start the bike...that is your starter. The battery my need charging. If you hear a clicking sound the bettery might not have enough charge to start the bike. I have invested in a trickle charger, so that every couple of months I put the battery on the charger overnight to keep it strong. I it a try and let me know.

Motorcycle momma too!!!! :D

I hope you had a chance to ride this weekend. Mack and I left the kids at home and had a sunset ride on the two bikes this evening. It was really peaceful and the sunset was all pink and blue.

The weather has been dry and partly cloudyor clear for several weeks now. It has been getting cooler at night and in the morning, but it has been great riding weather. Gas just went up again, so I will probably start riding the bike to work more often.

Going to get a windsheild for my bike and am looking for a good pair of winter riding gloves.

Ride Sane Ride Safe,

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That is pretty coool ...just about all of the ladies on this thread are older than 40!!!! I just added another year :D

Welcome to the forum......great to have another lady join the group. The MORE THE MERRIER

Hope to see you up here often!!!!! Keep us posted on your new pursuit!!! :D


Welcome to the forum and to the world Kawi's!!!!!....we don't care about ages around here...it s just neat that alot of the ladies on this forum are over 40!!!!!

I live out in the country in KY and I love the twisties toooo. I use my bike for a commuter bike sometimes too. Right now I am car pooling.

I ride solo often as I can.....whenever the weather is good and I don't have a bunch of kids to shuttle. :lol:


Go ahead and post the pictures. For some reason they all look bad in the preview, but when you double click on them to open them up they look OK.

Welcome to the forum.......I read your post in Ladies Only!!! too.

Welcome Bloodnroses,

Keep looking..... LTDs will pop up all over the place.....I was looking for a750 LTD when I found my Spectre.......I have alway loved LTD's probably wouldn't turn one down if one came up for the right price.

Welcome to the Forum Charla,

Post a photo of you and your bike here or in show off your ride.

I hope you have a GREAT Thanksgiving


Welcome to the forum and motorcycle riding. Don't give up hope and don't get scared!!!!

Practise, practise, practise.....in the nearest vacant lot you can find. learn your bike, using the clutch and learning the balance of it.

practise going to figure 8's and evertighter circles both clockwise and counter clockwise. This will help you to learn to manuver the bike, use the clutch and give you self confidence tooo.

I just took the bikes out for a ride yesterday...it was cool, but who cares....I had road fever really bad and needed to ride.

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We both ride, but I sold my Spectre (had a wreck with it) so we only have one bike at the moment. I just had surgery, so I won't be able to ride for a month or so.

drop me a PM and I will give you my phone number.
My name is Heather, I used to be a regular on this forum, but I sold my KZ750after I had a wreck and recently moved to TN. Been riding motorcycles since I was 18. My first bike was a Honda 250 Elsinore (on/off road). After that I bought a BMW R80RT. Mack and I love classic motorcycles. We have a 1981 KZ 550A that we will be putting up for sale shortly. Got to help one of my kids get a car or a scooter.
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