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Hey Girls.....Intro Yourself

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Tell us about yourself.....
What you do, ride, hobbies, etc......
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New Rider

Hey ladies,
My name is G' and I just started riding. I am having some problems right now with starting my bike, but hopefully the problem isn't that bad.

Anyway, I am a mother of two ages 7 and 21mo. I have always been interested in riding and I finally decide to go for it this year.

Here is a pic of the kids and I
I am trying to figure out how this site works. Well, I am having problems starting my bike. It started ok then I turned it off and rolled it to the outside of my garage and planned on riding when it wouldn't start. It started making this buzzing or clicking noise. I can't really tell if it's buzzing or clicking. I think that it might be buzzing. Let me know if you have any suggestions to what it might be. I haven't dropped it.
Thank you so much. I bought a charger and I am good to go. It's a bit cold so I am going to aim for this weekend.

Thank you for your input. I really like this all girls chatting. Hahaha!!!!! It's great to hear from other female riders!
Thanks a lot. I took your advice and bought a charger. It started right up.
I was just saying how I really think that it's cool to have an all girls chatting session.
1 - 4 of 1739 Posts
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