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Hey Girls.....Intro Yourself

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Tell us about yourself.....
What you do, ride, hobbies, etc......
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Hey girls...Kelly aka Ninjagirl here.....
I grew up in Bend Oregon and have been riding "motorized vehicles" off/on for the past 30years....yep I am turning 40 at the end of the month.... :(

I have ridin ATV, Snowmobiles, Dirtbikes and even a Dunebuggy!! The Ninja is my "first" streetbike, and I love it.

I have lived in Phoenix for 8years and I work at American Express as a Corporate Travel Agent/Computer Tech.
I like to read, cook and hang out with friends. I love wines and Alfred Hitchcock movies!! :D
Sorry I have responded until now, I have been out of town and no computer....did you get your bike fixed Ginki?
By the way WELCOME to the forum!! As a beginner, check out the "sticky's" in this forum.

Have fun, ride hard, ride safe!!

NinjaGirl :wink:
mikimoto said:
ginki said:
Thank you for your input. I really like this all girls chatting. Hahaha!!!!! It's great to hear from other female riders!

We're all sincerely interested - when you take your bike out this weekend, post up and let us know how it went, what happened, did you meet other riders, etc. Even tell us if you dumped it - cause we'll ALL tell you our stories of how and when we dumped our bikes, it'll make you laugh.

Good idea Miki.....and Ginki, glad to see you up and riding!!! :wink:
mikimoto said:

Welcome! Glad to hear you're enjoying yourself. Was just curious as to whether you ever rode solo, or do you always ride with your hubby?

And once again girls - looks like we've got another 40+ woman in the forum. This is really wonderful. Wish all of us lived close, we'd have one heck of a "Women's Only" motorcycle gang.

I know, that is so cool!!! I am so glad to see this forum growing!!
Re: introducing...

vegbiker said:
Hey! I'm glad I found this forum. I've been riding full-time for two years. I had a bike for one summer in college but I don't count that since I hadn't taken a safety course and didn't know what I was doing.

I recently sold my Suzuki GS500 and bought a ZX6-R. I love it!!! I use it as a commuter, but I like riding in the country on the weekends (twisties rule, and that bike loves to lean). I've taken it to the track too - I highly recommend it!

When I'm not riding, I'm either working as an editor or practicing with my roller derby league (rat city rollergirls). I live in Seattle with my boyfriend, who also rides a Ninja.

I'm 32, so I guess that makes me one of the younger members...who knew?
Welcome!!! :wink:
PinkPanther said:
Hey ladies!!!!!

Well, NinjaGirl told me about this site. This will make the fifth forum I'm a part of but oh well! :) Anyway, I ride a metallic pink 2003 Ninja 636. I started off with a 2001 Ninja EX500, and had a blast, but outgrew it in 6 months. I am a certified veterinary technician by profession, but I also work part-time at Cycle Gear here in Mesa (which is how I met NinjaGirl). It's nice being the only girl in the store. I still have a lot to learn, but I'm learning fast. I have 12 cats (yes, that isn't an error, 12). I love cats....duh. I am still single ( with 12 cats, it's not surprising), and I am 28. I see that I might be one of the younger riders, but it's all good. I am the chapter leader of the Christian Sportbike Association-Phoenix Chapter. For any of you who are interested, the website is www.christiansportbike.com
Well, I think that's all. Glad to see a section for us ladies. Talk to you all soon!


P.s. I tried to attach pictures of my bike, but the colors on the preview really sucked, so if you wanna see my bike, email me, and I'll email you some pics.
Hey Girl....Glad you made it to the forum!! Welcome!!! :wink:

Don't be to hard on yourself. Take the MSF when you can again, getting your endorsement is important.

Practice when you can. Find a large, clean empty parking lot, away from the cars. The first couple of weeks, I practice in a parking lot. Stopping, braking, shifting, cornering, and those pesky fiqure 8's!! Then I took short jaunts in town, where I could use those skills, then out on the highway, which technically is the safest road to ride, your riding with a constant flow of traffic rather than stop/go etc.....but both type of riding is good to practice.
You don't have to put tons of miles on your bike at once, take baby steps, couple hours a day. Ride by yourself and with your husband or a small group.

Just take your time, ride at YOUR pace, its all about YOU and YOUR BIKE!!! :wink:

Be sure to read the "Stickys", that may help too.
The forum is full of information, so be sure to keep us on your "Favorites!!" :)
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ZX6Rbabe said:
hi all.

my names marsha and i live in perth western australia. I started riding in 2002 and my first bike was a GPX 250. I finally decided to upgrade October last year and am now riding a 2002 ZX6R, ( hence my username).

I am loving the bigger bike, but do still miss the GPX cause it was a gerat first bike.

I love riding, and reading, movied and playing sports.

Look forward to chatting with you all.
Welcome NinjaBabe (Marsha)!!!
Forum is full of information and fun stuff too.
Be sure to post you and/or your ride under "Show off your Ride."
Crosstown said:
Hello to all. My name is Diane and I live in the sunny state of Florida where it is now a very warm 47 degrees compared to the rest of the country...burrrrr. I rode my Ninja 250 this past weekend. I have had my bike for 11 months and have put on over 10,000 miles on it. Rode at Deal's Gap twice with it, great bike for the Gap. I mostly commute on the bike during the week and take long rides when I can. The Ninja is the second bike I have owned, the first was a cruiser. I am married with two sons, a cat and one fish. I am a paralegal by trade and going to school to become an attorney.
Welcome!! :wink:
Bgregory22 said:
Hello all..my name is Bettina and actually I am picking up my bike this weekend..its an 88 kawasaki 500..great condition, low mileage...I am a first time rider and I cant wait... :)
Welcome!!! :wink:
ncninjachic said:
Hey everyone. I am new to the board. My name is Angie and I bought a 2005 ninja 500R about 3 weeks ago now. I have grown up around motorcycles and finally got around to buying my own. My husband bought a BMW not too long ago and I was sick of being "the girl on the back", especially since I know how to ride. I guess I am one of the youngest on the site since I am 27 but I think it is great how many women riders there are, no matter the age. Well that's about all from here. Thanks Ninjagirl for introducing me to this site.

Happy riding.
Welcome NC!!!! :grin:
RNMama said:
Hi Everyone,

My name is Lisa, but my tag reads RNMAMA. I have only been riding for 2 full years now minus the snowy winters here in Upstate NY. My beginer bike was a 1979 Kawasaki 400LTD that I picked up for $400.00! It was great to learn on, but Hubby just bought me a 2001 Vulcan 800 for my b-day at the start of the month and I love it!

I admit that I am trying to feel confident on it because it is bigger and more powerful than my 400, but I have been told that I will get used to anything I ride and to give it time. I do though wonder if anyone else had a time of getting used to a bigger bike and had any tips for me.

I have taken it out a few times and even to work once. I havent really had a problem with it, except for a bit of fear of it's size when I come to a stop. I need to and plan to get out on it in a parking lot to practice, but I would still love to here from other women who ride.

I have 2 children that I home school, an 11 year old girl and a 6 year old boy. My hubby and I just bought a house in September and then rescued a greyhound in December. I have been sitting here trying to come up with hobbies that I have and I guess I dont really have any... I guess I must be borring.lol

aka RNMama
Welcome RNMama!!!
Glad your here, you will learn alot from the guys and the gals!
Have you thought of taking the MSF Class? www.msf-usa.org
Practice in parking lots is a start.
lynne9592 said:
Hi to all! My name is Lynne and I'm 39 years old. My hubby bought me my first bike june 03, but I didn't get it running until aug 03. Had alot of fun and learning working on my own bike, (with a little help from my friends). So far I have logged about 200 miles on it. Still not running up to par, but working on it. I love riding and think this a great site. I am really glad to see all the ladies riding their own! Hope to see you all out there soon!
Sorry for the late response...Welcome!!! Glad to see your taking your time, your going to love riding!!!!
Welcome!! :wink:
Your going to love the Ninja, have you thought about getting the 500, since you already rode the Suzuki?
Have you taken the MSF Class?
Check out the "Sticky's" in this section of the forum.

Glad your here, you will learn alot from everyone!!!

Kelly aka NinjaGirl (Moderator)
lady250rider said:
I think I feel much more comfortable with the 250 actually for a little while at least so that I can get some more seat time. The 500 is too heavy for me at the moment. I am scheduled to take the MSF class in California in June I can't wait.
That's great!! I always say....get what your comfortable with. The 250 is a perfect bike to start out on. Good Luck.
ladyvulcanrider said:
Hi girls! Newbie here. My name is Jane and I'm a Postal Rural Carrier from the small state of Delaware. I'm 40 yrs old, married for 22 yrs with 3 wonderful children 20, 18 and 16. I ride a 2003 Vulcan 500 Ltd. Started riding a year ago when my husband went through, what I call ,his mid life crises and bought himself a Honda VTX 1300. I enjoy riding so much but am still quite scared out there. Call me paranoid I guess. Hubby and I are taking our first long trip in June. Going to Thunder In The Valley, Johnstown, Pa. I'll let you know how that goes. My main worry is going over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Any advise on going over bridges? Close my eyes and pray for it to get over? lol No, I think I'll be ok just a little nervous.
Welcome!!! :grin:

I understand about being nervous going over bridges, especially ones that have grids......just keep your bike straight and ride fast!! :wink:
Lia said:
Hi, I'm Lia. I am going to WSU in Pullman WA. At 27, it looks like I may be the youngest one here? I have my bike (in my possesion) for two weeks. I am using it commute to campus, and hopefully, I'll find some time inbetween tests and homework to get some distance on it. My fiance has a GSXR750, we haven't even ridden together because we don't live in the same town. Maybe this weekend...

I noticed that Ninjagirl was excited to change her oil finally, I can't wait either.

ps. I like the girls only thing. There are few girls on bikes around here and I feel like I stick out! Probably do. Hopefully it's not the riding skills that is attracting the attention! I swear this whole town was built on a HILL! Not good for a beginer trying not to embarass herself.

I have a riding gear question but I think I'll save that for the other topic in this forum.

Nice to be here.
Welcome!!! :wink:
What model bike you riding?
You can ask any questions here or in the section it pertains to, either way you will get an answer, there are alot of experienced riders on the forum, you will learn alot!!!
Glad your here.....
N250girl said:
Hi girlz...

My name is Rebeca and I just started riding. I have a Kawi 250. I love it.
I have been riding for about 5 months now. I took the MSF course and that
really helped. I love riding every chance I get.
Welcome!!! Glad to hear you took the MSF. Have fun, glad your here, you will learn alot and us girls need to stick together!!! ;)
LittleNinja said:

My name is Mercedes, i'm 29 and i live in Tampa, Fl. Married with two boys. Iv'e been riding for about 5 months now on my 1998 Ninja 250. I'm an Administrtive Assistant for the Dean of Students at a private school. (whew)!!!!! If any of the ladies here are interested me and N250girl along with another friend started a ladiez motorcycle forum if you wanna check it out.


Thanks, Glad to be here.
Welcome!! ;)
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