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Hey~ I'm new here!!

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Hi Everyone!

I just figured it out how to post my thread. I didn't complete the registration... that is why. My husband already became a member and already post his thread. I'm a new Ninja 250R rider. I had my license long time ago, but I didn't renew it. My daughter graduated High School and moved out recently, so my husband recommended me to ride a motorcycle. That was a good choice. I really enjoying riding it. It's getting colder... and darker in the evening...I really can't find the time to ride. and it really getting into busiest time of the year..:cry: Anyways.... I'll find the time to ride soon. I would love to talk to you guys.....: )
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Thanks, Tod. I still trying to figure out this thread. I want to put my picture on my thread. Where should I go? Would you tell me?
I got it. Thanks. I saw your thread you wrote to my husband. You've been member of Kawasaki Forums long time..... Great supporoter.
Hey! Thank you for welcoming me. I just read your profile, it's your Birthday today! Happy Birthday! Are you having a great day? Hope you are...
Thanks, Saki. Actually mine's Perl White has red line on it. Your's looks nice!!
I'm glad you had a good day! I'm going to VA for my niece's Wedding this weekend. I'll be busy, but will have a good time at her Wedding. I'll make my time to ride my Ninja next Sat. : ( Have a great weekend everyone!! : )

Here are my Ninja and my husband's CBR1000 Hurricane
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Hey~ Thank you for your warm welcoming. I just got back from my niece's Wedding. It was a beautiful Wedding. When I got back from VA, I remembered our community has a HOA Meeting. I found the opportunity to ride my Ninja. I thought it wasn't so cold when I left, but 2 hours later.... it was really cold. It was about 10 min. one way ride, but it was fun.... : )
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