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my names jacob but i spell it jakob.
i'm thirteen years old and my closest people around me have been riding, but i've never tryed.

the bikes i've tryed on have been 110cc and a few thumpsters.
i recently road a 65cc racing bike i think and i didn't fall off or anything and had quiet a time.

now i need to know what type of bike i can get.
i'm not very good with gears and i'm buying the bike with my money i have saved up over the years.

now, i'm 185+ Cm tall and weigh around 80ish.
i havn't checked lately, i won't be dinking people and i won't be riding in hard places just to the shops and stuff.

so anyway.
can anyone suggest bikes + infomation where i can buy.
thanks again.
- jakob. :smile:

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second that. Not to discourage a new rider, but we want you to be legal and safe. If where you are allows you to get a moto license at your age, take a class before getting your own bike. You might find that you legally can't ride on the street for a few more years, so stick with dirt bikes. I've heard a lot of riders start off with dirt bikes and end up being more solid riders when they get on street bikes than those of us who started off on the street. Just an impression and something to think about. The few years until your legally old enough will fly by.
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