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Hi, im new here and i bought this 1999 ninja 500 almost a year ago now and i still havent rode it myself it. I bought it from a military guy who let it set for a few months and laid it down, so i bought it as a project for about $800.

I've changed out and done the following:

- cleaned the carbs
- new plugs
- changed oil
- new gas tank (old one was rusted)
- bought signals (he destoryed his when he laid it down)

The bike will start up and run but will die. My brother rode it pretty close to my house (about a mile to be exact before it died on him) So, as of right now the bike is in pieces in my garage and im trying to figure out whats wrong. It will start up and run with the choke on but once you take the choke off it goes into the lower RPMs and dies. Help please? I've been reading around and I'm thinking it's a muliitude of things.

- Idle needs Adjusting
- Carb issue
- Valves Need adjusting

Will someone plz try and help?

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I've heard older bikes can lose spark due to corrosion on the connections. Search for other posts here on that.

Sounds like you have the fuel sorted? Might try Seafoam. It is a WONDER drug :)

And like you said, if the idle is low, get that adjusted up, and the valves are not a terribly difficult thing to do so give them an eyeball.

The things like to run. Get MSF'ed and licensed up and once you get it running, ride the pants off the thing! :) Once it is happy, that is the best way to keep it happy.

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