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names jon. i live in western washington. i rode a 87 ninja 600, until it was stolen. im in the process of buying a 2002 250 to get around on. cars are my first passion, but bikes are a close second. i look foward to learning a lot here.

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Welcome to the forum....There are alot of fantastic people up here and a lot of technical knowledge also. We have fun razzin each other too.

Hope to see you up here often!!!!!! Keep comin' back :)


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welcome aboard, sorry bout the thevery, they ought to treat bike theves like they did horse theves in the old west...string 'em up!

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Hi Jon,

I to am sorry to hear about the stolen bike. Recently there was another theft of a bike from another member who I'm sure can fully relate to your experience. Unfortunately.....bikes are easy targets of thieves so we need to find ways to better protect our investment.

Hope to hear from you again and welcome! :)

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thanks for the welcome. i live in a house with a garage now. if it wasnt snowing, i would just buy the baby ninja now, but ill have to wait for it to warm up. subarus are much more fun in bad weather than bikes.

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welcome to the forum WRX. sorry to hear about your loss, i also had a loss in Nov 04. luckily it wasn't my Nomad, but my dual sport was snagged, still ticked me off. glad to see you'll be getting back in soon though. i'm with Bikeaholic though, please feel free to share info on your WRX and / or other cars, we have a pretty open forum here and a handful of car guys too.

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Welcome Jon! There are tons of really great people here, with incredible knowledge. The best thing about this forum is that they genuinely care about your well-being. Look forward to seeing you on here!


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Jon Stevenson
Midnight Motorsports
2003 Subaru WRX
Modification list
USDM Sti shortblock&gaskets
Megan cold air intake
Stone mountain headers
HKS down pipe
Megan exhaust
Cobb stage 2 reflash (useless now)
Turbo XS Hyperflow TMIC
Turbo XS boost controller
Turbo XS blow off valve
VF-39 STI turbo
740cc injectors
255lph walbro fuel pump
Drive train:
STI RA spec c gear set
ACT stage 2 clutch-2100lb
Kartboy short shifter
Energy shifter bushing
Whiteline control lowering springs
Whitleine swaybars
STI strut bars
225/40-16 Kumho ecsta tires on stock wheels
Turbo sports grill
Projector headlights
Sti fog light covers
Clear corners
Debadged trunk
Blitz DTT turbo timer
Autometer gauges and pod
Kenwood 600 watt amplifier
2 Rockford Fosgate 10” subs

its a sedan. i get it out of the shop tommorow. i was having the cams retimed and my fuel pump installed. we got about 3 inches of snow here this weekend with more coming tonight. no bike still. and the subie's not being driven either. the talon takes winter duties.
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