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Tom here in Virginia. A newbi to the forum and biking. My brother is in the same boat as myself. He bought a 1995 Vulcan 500 to start out on a few months back and just recently bought a Triumph Bonneville T100. So I bought the Vulcan from him and starting out on that.

Having a blast. Not ever owning a mototrcycle before I'm looking forward to riding and tinkering with it. I've had a few classic cars in the past and currenty have a 1970 Ford LTD that I'm constantly fooling with.

The Vulcan was full serviced by a dealer before he bought it. I guess we've put 400 miles on it since. It came with a set of Cobra pipes. I'm not crazy how they sound. Personal preferance I guess. I've found a couple stock systems on Ebay that I'm looking in to. Aslo the speedo cable broke.

So this forum is exactly what I was looking for. Suggestions on the best places to get parts, advice etc.

Looking forward it.

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