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Highway Peg question

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I've been looking at highway pegs for my 800B. It has the freeway bars with the angled outer bar. Seems like Kuryakyn right angle pegs are the only ones that allow adjustment to a level angle. Was wondering if anyone has installed pegs with longer extensions on the inner vertical bar that hang out far enough? The outer bar is offset forward a bit and may allow a shaft to pass on the rider's side of it. Thanks.
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Unfortunately, the vertical part of my engine guard for my Vulcan is angled so the standard offsets won't work. Basically, it seems like the right angle mounts or the pegs w/ the adjustable stop are the only option. Was just wondering if anyone with the same bar has attempted to attach a highway bar to the straight vertical inner bar with a long extension.

IPSC, I have heard the screws on the adjustable stop petgs are prone to stripping, making them unadjustable or worse yet, slip. Have you seen this problem?
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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