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I am looking at getting one as well...I would like to get a bigger one that can carry my 10R as well. They do not seem so expensive either. I like the green !
I don't think I'd trust a liter bike on one.

I know they make doubles and show two sportbikes or a quad on them, but that is a LOT of weight on the receiver.

Keep in mind that the tongue load rating on your receiver is for the load pushing DIRECTLY down on the ball. Cantilevering out on a hauler dramatically increases this, and also puts a twisting element into the load that is not present when hauling a trailer.

Rail the bike 2 feet away from the hitch and that 500 lb bike suddenly looks like a 1200 lb trailer to the welds and receiver.

A typical dirtbike is well under 300 pounds wet, even the 450, unless you're talking a big KLR or XR.

These are great for dirtbikes and small dualsports like the DRZ. For a sportbike, especially a 10R, I'd be looking more in the direction of "Trailer in a Bag", or even one of the folding Kendon trailers (which will haul 3 Harleys or 3 dirtbikes) and folds flat for storage.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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