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Just thought I'd update folks. I'm sure this is old news to many. I keep my Arai for those nice long trips. 2 Visors for that one.

I picked up a HJC for city riding 3 weeks ago. Home to work is 11 miles in stop and go traffic each way.

I wear glasses (too lazy to put on the contacts) and work with computers all day and get too red eyed with contacts.

Anyhooo... I ride east in the morning and west in the evening. The solar glare has been horrible. The OEM visor was just not cutting it. So I just picked up a blue HJC visor and boy what a difference. I mean really.

Now I can wear my glasses and not be squinty.
Ps. prob. a useless post. but thought i'd share.

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I have a pair, of Oakleys that I wear when ridin. Even better than the glare, is I like to leave my shield cracked a bit, but this allows the air to make my eyes water. With teh glasses no watery eyes. Now I just need to find a nice clear pair for night ridin.
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