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hook up carbs

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i have a 1991 ninja 600 with all the emissions crap on it, the carbs were not hooked up when i bought it and i have no idea how to hook em up, can someone tell me how? I also took the airbox off and put seperate filters on each carb, do i just plug the hole on top of the crankcase that connected to the airbox? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated
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how do i hook up the actual carbs? there in place but i need to know how to hook up the fuel lines
i still dont know how to hook the carbs up, i have a manual but it dosent help, all i figured out from it is that one line goes from the evaporator to a carb which really dosent help me, can anybody tell me how to hook up the carbs?
theres nipples on each carb right above where they go into the engine, i know where the first one goes, i think, where do the other 3 go? I would post some pics for yall but have nothin to do it with
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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