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Horsepower and Torque Numbers...More Revealing Information

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I just got my run files from my dyno operator and I'm looking at them in the my run viewer...Here's some more revealing information.

Anyone who knows anything about racing knows that peak horsepower is nice, but what you really want is to either move your power curve to the left which means you are making horsepower lower in the revs or you want to see more horsepower at the same RPM...That said, check this out.

Power (Horsepower)
At 4,000 RPM my bike made 54.74 rwhp when it was bone stock, after the pipe and air intake it now makes 68.90 rwhp at 4,000 RPM. That's a 14.16 rwhp increase. That's a 21% increase!

Torque (Twisting Force)
Again at 4,000 RPM my bike made 71.90 ft-lbs of torque when it was bone stock, after the pipe and air intake it now makes 90.50 rwhp at 4,000 RPM. Thats an 18.60 ft-lbs of torque increase. That's a 21% increase!

These numbers are very impressive if you ask me, even more impressive than the peak numbers because this is where you actually ride the thing most of the time. The difference in the way it rides is night and day. When I crack the throttle now it moves out instead of just moving along. This makes it so much more fun to ride. I'm gonna go to the drag strip next week and see what kinda number it puts up compared to the magazines.

So when you read these magazine articles that say that the Mean Streak really ain't so "mean" and that it needs more power...Now you know that with a little time, money and effort, you can go out and get what they were looking for...I guarantee that they'd love to ride my Mean Streak.
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