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My bike I had before had a shaft drive----so I'm pretty unfamiliar with all the in's and out's of a chain drive.

I adjusted it exactly per the instuctions in the owners manual---I even drug out the torque wrench and torqued everything to spec. Lubed it with chain wax per the intructions on the can. All my adustments were dead on by the instructions---double checked it 3 or 4 times.

Seems like the little spocket(in the front) has a lot of noise---no grinding sounds or anything like that. Kind of a whizzing sound.

Is this just my bike loosening up and normal sounds---or is something wrong??

I also took my helmet off(because all I can hear is wind noise in that thing) and went up and down the block----when I pull in the clutch and let it coast---seems like a lot of noise coming from the rear sprocket---again, no grinding sounds.

Is this normal???

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