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How to clean and 'wax' Meanie SE

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I just bought my Mean Streak and was wondering what the best way was to go about protecting the flat black paint. I figured waxing probably isnt a good idea.
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Try ReJex. (RejeX®: So Slick, Bugs Can't Stick!)

I use this on my Porsches and it is by far the best. It's a 'Polymer' and not a wax. In the deep south, we have 'Love Bugs'...even they don't stick. An application lasts about 3 months...no matter how dirty, just hose off the bike or car and you are good to go.
Also good on windshields and wheels (on wheels - brake dust will hose right off, too!)

The best part - it is so easy to use. Wipe on and let dry to a haze, and then wipe off...no buffing required.

(I know - this sounds like a commercial - I have no affiliation, just have been VERY pleased with this. MANY of us on the Porsche forums - including some of the concours folks - swear by ReJex!)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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