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Howdy All

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Stumbled across this forum last night & figgured I might as well join since it looks like it's full of excellent info 8)

We've just purchased (laast week) a Vulcan 1600 after checking out the other big 3's cruisers. The wife really liked the 1600 over the 1500 so we took it home the same day :p

This is my 1st bike in over 13 years thanks to the USAF sending me overseas & then ending up way north where you can ride a bike all of 1 week a year! However, now that we live in windy Wyoming (it's a nice calm 25mph wind right now) it was time to get another bike & the Vulcan was what we liked best 8) 8)
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Welcome you and your wife...nice bike!!! JOIN in and have fun!
:D :D Welcome to you and your wife! So far, you are the closest people to California I know of.

welcome rat :wink: glad to have to have another vulcan rider!
Welcome! Ride safe and enjoy! :)
will toss in my 2 cents too....WELCOME!!
Here my ten cents (my two cents is free)... Welcome! nice bike, glad to see more than just sport bike riders here, I mean don't get me wrong I like sport bikes to its just....I'm ranting aren't I? Anywho, have fun, and make use of all the knoweledge there is to behold here.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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