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Overhauling carb assembly on 1984 ZX900A1 and removed top cover of No. 1 carb unit. Then watched in horror as black rubber diaphragm thingy came alive, like some self-inflatable life jacket. Oh dear I wish I hadn't done that ...... Couldn't get the bloody thing to re-seat, it kept twisting and buckling and would not fit in the channel. I messed about with it for over an hour then thought I'd look on the WWW for a solution before I put a hole in it. Thanks to the Vulcan Riders & Owners Club, www.vroc.org, I have correctly re-assemled the carburettor - how? By putting the diaphragm and slide assembly in the freezer for 45 mins! After this it took me all of 2 minutes to re-seat the pesky thing and rebuild the carb-top. Brilliant!

P.S. Thanks indeed to ZX Kawboy for his excellent howto on GPZ900R carb removal (see "Ninja starts but wont run without choke" in Mechanics Corner forum).

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