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hp gains

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me and my friend were talkin an he said dont go for a pipe first for hp..he said a K&N filter can give up to 10 hp on my 636...that true?!
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hmm, i dunno if it will give you that much. I don't think a filter by itself will do that much. It will prob do more if you combine it with a powercommander or something.

Did you ever hear of BMC filters? I heard they are alot better than K&N. None of my friend's have either of those filters however, so I don't know from first hand experience.
ha a little optimistic...2hp at most
A better filter never hurts, but 2 or 3 hp is the best I would think you could get with a filter alone. I have k&n air and oil filter on my bike, I can't say I could really tell any differance after the swap. A good ignition system would be the way to get that 15 to 20 hp your looking for. Horse Power don't always make a bike go fast, just more likely to crash. you can gain more speed with handling.
to gain 10 hp you'd need full exhaust and a power commander. Kawasaki tweaks there supersport for just about every bit of hp/tq your really going to see and any gains you do get are going to be negligible. IMO the best way to "FEEL" a difference is to get different sprockets to achieve better acceleration but you then sacrifice some top end speed, but really how often do you get to see 150+ mph. The filter isn't really going to gain much maybe 1 or 2 if that, its mostly a cost productive mod in that you can just wash and re-use K&N type filters.
He's smoking rope...Yes, BMC seems to be really good...A lot of the guys on 10R.net use BMC...Me, I am cool with the HP my 10R has already...I mean come on that thing can outrun almost anything out there. Full system and PC will get you most HP...But you know what upgrade gets you the most HP?...Getting a liter bike.
I agree with that, you are going to spend so much money upgrading... you should just get the larger bike.
yes a liter bike would get you the biggest hp gains lol. In fact i would go with a liter bike instead of spending about 3,000 in mods to my zx6r. This is how i look at it however, i could instead spend that money buying a 10R and i know i would have a faster bike, but it wouldn't be my bike it would be kawasaki's bike. I like the thought of having one of the fastest 600's in my town when i get home and its all said and done. I also like knowing my bike is going to be original and have my own blood sweat and tears involved in making it that way. To each his own though i'd love to have a 10R just can't afford it right now but one day ;) lol
Yeah, spending X amount to ake a bike pretty is one thing...Spending X amount to make a bike faster when the gain is slight is senseless. However, there are some guys I know who have well over 10K in improvements on their 600s...I am not talking simple stuff either...Talking about PVM rims, rotors, breaks, MC, full systems, sprockets and chain, levers, tires, swing arms, clip ons, etc...
i'm hoping to eventually get a custom paint job done on my bike and a few more blingy pieces added and then put it in bike shows as a daily ridden track raceable show bike. lol expensive hobby. :p
I might have considered getting two bikes...Depends on how much you spent.
I could see spending that much on upgrades if you professionally (or want to) race bikes... but other than that.... hah
i've got a budget of 3k for upgrades to my 636 and the paint is just a back burner idea not really something i have any plans on doing for a while. I want to get my wife a 08 ninja 250 in plasma red of course. :p
i dont plan on racing "pro" but i do plan on going to the track at least once every few months they have a nice track about 3 hours away by Tulsa Oklahoma that i'm going to go to when i get home.
i've got a budget of 3k for upgrades to my 636 and the paint is just a back burner idea not really something i have any plans on doing for a while. I want to get my wife a 08 ninja 250 in plasma red of course. :p
That sounds cool...I see you are still married. Very cool bro.
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