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I was trying to look online and find the horsepower rating of the ninja 500R but can't seen to find it. I did find out the 250 is 33 horsepower... FREAKINOUT... you should know... and if ya do, im sure u know how many ft-lbs of torque it puts out. thanks alot bro.

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I think last I looked a stock 500R has like 63HP, and somewhere around 45ft/lbs of torque.

but you add a full exhaust, air intake, and rejet the carbs and you just added 20% at least to your power.

that is what I've done. Jardine full exhaust, K&N air intake, and some much bigger jets in the carbs.

ask triplesecman about it too, he has a 500R, all stock.

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The 500R is forgiving enough not to kick your butt, but it has enough power to keep you happy for years to come. I bought my bike and took it home and learned to ride, never stepped on one before. Thats why I recommend it to people so much, we did the same with triplesecman, I rode his bike back to my house for him and showed him the basics and send him through the parking lot wars for a day or so.

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I would have to disagree with the post above.... See for me I would not want to have to sell the 500r in a year because thats what your going to want to do once you get the hang of riding it.. The difference in the 500r and the 6 is tremendous.. I know that for a first bike you would be afraid of the power but, you will get used to it real quick... Plus you will not get back the $$$ that you want when you sell the 500R.. Just my thoughts...

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Power of Ex500/Ninja 500R / GPZ500S

If you have one it should be in the Owners Manual (under the seat in the black plastic wallet, though many of them go walkies and never return).

My UK D5's manual (EX500-D5/EX500-E5, part 99922-1884-01) says:
Maximum Horsepower 44.1 kW (60PS) @ 9,800 r/min (rpm)
Maximum Torque 46.1 N-m (4.7 kg-m, 34.0 ft-lb) @8,500 r/min (rpm)
Minimum Turning Radius 2.8m (110.2in)

Overall Length 2,095 mm (82.48 in.)
<G><N><S> 2,115 mm (83.27 in.)
Overall Width 700mm (27.6 in.)
Overall Height 1,160 mm (45.67 in.)
Wheelbase 1,435 mm (56.50 in.)
Road Clearance 120 mm (4.72 in.)
Dry Weight 179 kg (395 lb) <S><U> 177 kg (390 lb)

Type DOHC, 2-cylinder, 4-stroke liquid cooled
Displacement 498 mL (30.4 cu in.)
Bore x Stroke 74.0 x 58.0 mm (2.91 x 2.28 in.)
Compression Ratio 10.8 : 1
Starting System Electric Starter
Cylinder Numbering Method Left to Right, 1-2
Firing Order 1-2
Carburetors Keihin CVK34 x 2
Ignition System Battery and coil (transistorized ignition)
Ignition Timing 10° BTDC @ 1,200 r/min (rpm) ~ (electronically advanced) 37.5° BTDC @ 10,000 r/min (rpm)
Spark Plugs NGK DR9EA or ND X27ESR-U
Lubrication System Forced Lubrication (wet sump)
Engine Oil SE, SF or SG class SAE 10W40, 10W50 20W40, or 20W50
Engine Oil Capacity 3.4 L (3.6 US qt)
Coolant Capacity 1.8 L (1.9 US qt)

Transmission Type 6 Speed, constant mech, return shift
Clutch Type Wet, multi disc
Driving System Chain Drive
Primary Reduction Ratio 2.652 (61/23)
Final Reduction Ratio 2.562 (41/16)
Overall Drive Ratio 5.789 (Top gear)
Gear Ratio: 1st 2.571 (36/14)
2nd 1.777 (32/18)
3rd 1.380 (29/21)
4th 1.125 (27/24)
5th 0.961 (25/26)
6th 0.851 (23/27)

Castor 27°
Trail 91 mm (3.6 in.)
Tyre Size Front 110/70-17 54H or 110/70 ZR17 Tubeless
Rear 130/70-17 62H or 130/70 ZR17 Tubeless
Fuel Tank Capacity 18 L (4.8 US gal)

Electrical Equipment:
Battery 12V 14 Ah
Headlight 12V 60/55 W
Tail/Brake Light 12 C 4/21 W x 2

<G>: Greek model
<N>: Norwegian model
<S>: Swedish model
<U>: U.K. model.

Specifications subject to change without notice, and may not apply to every country.


From memory the US model has air injection into the exhaust to pass emissions, the californian one has some evaporative emissions control system. The electrics are slightly different on the US model (headlight on all the time and extra circuit to switch it on when bike is started).

I have been told that some European D series have twin front disks (I have seen a french one that did) but the UK one as far as I know did not until around 2000 (when it became the E series ???)

The EX500A was similar in terms of the engine, it had a 16 in. front wheel, different forks, and a rear drum brake. Front disk on Left rather than the right. Other than that I belive most of the differences were cosmetic.

I believe the number of teeth on the sockets have changed once to twice which would alter the ratios.

I hope I have not made too many typo's in that lot ;-) Its my first post be nice :)

Oh yeah, hi to everyone :)

Ride safe. Chris

ARGH! Its stripped out all my tabbing, you guys can work it out I bet :)
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