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I am thinking about the vulcan 900 custom

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So, here is my deal:

I recently had an accident with my 2007 HD XL1200C I bought in 01/2007... while I am waiting for the adjuster, I believe the bike will be totaled due to frame damage. I got up and rode the bike home after the the accident. Basically, I breaked to avoid a change in traffic speed, but went into a low slide in which the engine crash bar pulled the cross-member out of alighnment. I passed the MSF in 8/2006 and I am fully endorsed by my state.

Anyway, I am thinking about my next bike. I loved my HD and it has been a great first bike for me and I honestly was intending to keep it forever ;)

But, now that have 91xx miles of riding experience since I bought the above bike in 01/2007, my interests and needs have changed. And I may get another Sportster. But, I am thinking about other bikes. My main and only complaint about the Sportster 1200 was the shifting... the clunkiness really bothered me.

At the time I bought my first bike, I was not commuting every day. I am now. Finding after market side bags, etc is high on my list of needs.

Also, have the 2007 models improved on the rear suspension? What kind of performance difference am I in for (I don't care which bike people this is better, I only care about differences I might find).... basically, I got the point wiht the Sportster where I was able to lean into the foot pegs.

Non-Crusier bikes I am considering are the Suzuki V-Storm, Bandit and the Moto Guzi Guzzi and Breva 1100 bikes.

I appreciate your time.
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I love my 900 Custom, and I think it's pretty close to the Sporty in terms of utility. Meaning, that although you can throw bags on it and do some light touring or what have you, I don't think it's best suited for that. It's really an around town bike at heart. If commuting is high on your priority list, why not look at something that comes with bags from the factory like the 900LT or Nomad?

Anyway with respect to performance, I think you'll be pleased. The Custom handles pretty well, the tranny is great and it has plenty of power on tap at legal speeds (although maybe a little less than your Sporty). As for scraping the pegs, the Custom has good clearance for a cruiser, so it's not something I do regularly although I want to get comfortable enough to do it at will ;)
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