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I am thinking about the vulcan 900 custom

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So, here is my deal:

I recently had an accident with my 2007 HD XL1200C I bought in 01/2007... while I am waiting for the adjuster, I believe the bike will be totaled due to frame damage. I got up and rode the bike home after the the accident. Basically, I breaked to avoid a change in traffic speed, but went into a low slide in which the engine crash bar pulled the cross-member out of alighnment. I passed the MSF in 8/2006 and I am fully endorsed by my state.

Anyway, I am thinking about my next bike. I loved my HD and it has been a great first bike for me and I honestly was intending to keep it forever ;)

But, now that have 91xx miles of riding experience since I bought the above bike in 01/2007, my interests and needs have changed. And I may get another Sportster. But, I am thinking about other bikes. My main and only complaint about the Sportster 1200 was the shifting... the clunkiness really bothered me.

At the time I bought my first bike, I was not commuting every day. I am now. Finding after market side bags, etc is high on my list of needs.

Also, have the 2007 models improved on the rear suspension? What kind of performance difference am I in for (I don't care which bike people this is better, I only care about differences I might find).... basically, I got the point wiht the Sportster where I was able to lean into the foot pegs.

Non-Crusier bikes I am considering are the Suzuki V-Storm, Bandit and the Moto Guzi Guzzi and Breva 1100 bikes.

I appreciate your time.
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I ride the 900 Classic.
It gets buzzy @ 65mph.
If I had a 1200, I wouldn't go smaller.
Buzzy huh? That's interesting,i had mine burning up 15 @ 80 mph. Smooth as glass.

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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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