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i am very new and i know you have seen this question before.

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howdy everybody,
i know you have seen this before, but please tell me directly so i can reassure myself (i am very unconfident in my choices). anyways enough blabber. here is my question. will a ninja 250 carried my fat butt around town, on the highway, to school, or will it struggle to support my wieght? i am about 5'11 and 230 or so pounds. the reason i ask this is because i want to buy a ninja,and i am eyeing the 250. but if i am too heavy i might go with a 500 to support me. i appreciate your opinion and honesty. thanks a lot!!!
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off the floor, I'd say the 500, but after some mods, I'd say the 250. Its all about what your willing to do and how you treat the bike. Oh yeah, and the kinds of roads you'll be taking. Here in detroit the dirt roads and smoother and make less noise then the asphalt :) Any way, Its really about what you want.

The 250 will haul you around no problem. If you get a new one, ansd do the break in proces you may wonder about about my response...once you get through the break in process and have thouroughly read the Owners manual you will understand something that most people just aren't sure of and that is that the Ninja250R is SUPPOSED to have the redline at 14,000RPM. The bike is designed to be ridden in hte 8-14K rpm zone for some really fun times. If you want the bottom end torque(power) of something like a diesel truck then you need a larger bike with more cc's. If yo uwant an inexpensive bike that will treat you right on fuel economy, insurance, maintenance, is easy to park, maneuver in tight places, then it's the right bike. There are so many modification parts for this bike that it would be crazy to start listing them...
The 500R is a great bike that wil do everythig that 250R will. it has more power. it is easy on fuel maintenance and insurance too. If you buy a new one of either of course the 500 will cost more. The 500R weighs 388, and the 250R weighs in at 304 both dry weights. BOth are great bikes and although they are virtually trouble free the extended warranty is worth its weight should someting crazy go wrong inside and it has to be torn down... Whatever you do...welcome to the board and don't worry about asking questions that we have heard before...Welcome to the FORUM!!! I like your screen name...nice!
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Suggest hat you get the PUIG touring windscreen so that you are better protected and it will help your fuel economy, by reducing body drag, in this case most of your body becasue you are so tall.
250 is fun.....but 500 ROCKS!!!! :wink: :D :wink: :D
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