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I Dream Of Meanie......

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I dream of my meanie. At this moment she is locked up for the winter away from the snow, ice, and **** freezing cold.
I am not going to complain though, given what other poor souls on this rock have to deal with right now. I am just jonesing for a ride real bad.
( Though I must admit that I occasionally sneak into the garage and sit on her and make what must seem like funny motor noises, and just pretend for a little while.)
Best Wishes from the Frozen "almost" North
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I diagnose a terminal case of Road Fever.....only cure is a ride....My sympathies....It was 40F today and cloudy here. Rode the Kawis today for the first time in about a week and a half. I ride my bike any chance I get.....

Spring will come soon!!!!! Hang in here.

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