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I am so happy ! Yesterday I ordered my F&S passenger backrest, and today I ordered my pipes! got HK 3" staggered straights. Now I just have to suffer a week until it all gets here :roll: Then WATCH OUT!!! Anyone know where I might get a bug shield for my teeth??? :grin: I am gonna be ridin and grinin !!
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I agree that you'll love the sounds of the H/K's. Just an awesome sound they do make!

You guys should consider riding to BearTooth this summer as there will be several of us getting together and meeting and riding together. It would be great if you could also be there. :) Check out the Main Lobby as woodchucks800 has a thread there and we'll be keeping in touch with future plans for this event.
spok said:
for bugs in the teeth, you could try those crest white strips and kill 2 birds with one stone, brighten your pearls while shielding them from bugs...

I think it say's that right on the box too! LOL :)
LOL.....spok....I think you should go into making commercials! :)
Alex214 said:
Thanks, my brothers. I DO wanna go to beartooth this summer, but don't know yet. I very much appreciate the invitation !!!

ALEX.....This is your Vulcan speaking to you....Take me to Beartooth...Take me to Beartooth...Take me to Beartooth. :lol:
Alex214 said:
I hear you Gracie, my hunny :D ....... u want some more rubbin with that polish? Maybe go ride to a nice quiet spot for some alone time? ;)

ROTFL.....She puuuuuurrrrrsssss just like a kitten. ;)
Alex214 said:
Whistle, you are a wise man I think. Do you know if, since a man can marry a man (altho God will get 'em later), can I marry my bike Gracie? :shock:

Me wise? Where's all my money to prove that? LOL

I think you can marry "anything" in Vegas? Just put a wig on her tank and your good to go! :)
Alex....You...your mother...and your fiancee' are in my thoughts. I do wish the best for all of you. Some day it will be a pleasure to meet you.
Alex214 said:
Yes, it will be a great pleasure for you to meet me :razz: j/k ... Thank you. I wanna thank you for all your help since i've been here, too. You, Woodchuck, T-man, Spok, Bikeaholic ... all of you have been awful good to me and I appreciate it. I hope to meet all of you. By the way, got my backrest and rack and installed 'em today. Also, my HK pipes were finally shipped today from cruiser customizing. Where IS T-man, anyway? I haven't heard from him for awhile.

That's great! It's ALWAY"S FUN to get goodies for the bike! :)
1 - 8 of 30 Posts
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