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I Know But~

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Installed Iso grips on my 900 Custom, my question is why I now have what I think is to much end play Like in and out on the bar?:shock:
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In and Out? Traditional throttle play or they don't fit right as in hangs off the end of the bar?
they fit looser than the stock throttle sleeve at least they feel that way on my meanie
Yea I guess the proper term is end play. I did get to ride a little yesterday and it seams ok at least it did not effect anything. I looked tu over and I do not see that I can do anythong to change it>
You probably never noticed it on your bike with the old grips on. Now that you have new ones, you are paying attention to the details. I felt like mine had play that I didn't notice before.
If you still have the old throttle grip laying around, you can check it.

More than likely you are just being paranoid, worried you messed something up. When I installed mine, I noticed that there is a little play in and out. As long as the cables are seated properly and the housing is securely clamping the grip on, you're good. Just ride with it.
You guys are so right I most likely did not notice before. They are most def an inprovement over the standard grips, both in looks and feel on the road. Five stars from me.
I was having a delema with the left side, about the quick setting glue that is supplied, so I used the Gorrila Glue, the grip did not want to go on all the way with the several trial fits, it would stop about halfway on. It clealy says dont stop that is where it stays. So I used the Gorrila glue which worked perfectly>
Happy riding Yall!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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