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I love my Meanstreak

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:grin: Wow I have not ridden in over a month. Great weather down here this week and was able to take her out. I rode for about 2 hrs. and only 5 minutes into the ride I realized "I love my bike". Sure am glad I have some people to share this thought with. :)
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We just took out bikes out today...it was 40f and cloudy today....It has been a little more than a week since our last ride.....

I get that feeling everytime I ride.....I call it Road Fever...I have a terminal case that would be fatal if I stayed home very long :)

Truely said Ispeed!!!!!!!

I love skiing tooo.....been a few years since I have done anything...Usually go up to my moms house in VT and go to Stowe. :)

Its 60f out right now....spent the day inside painting,,no bike ride today. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain. Then temperatures are supposed to drop down to the 30's...we shall see.


Welcome to the forum...Lots of passionate Meanie owners up here!!!!! :rolleyes: Have fun and ride safe!!!!


Welcome to the forum....I get out as often as the weather allows. No winter layover for my bike!!!!!!!Can't keep procrastinating the painting though.

1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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