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I love my Meanstreak

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:grin: Wow I have not ridden in over a month. Great weather down here this week and was able to take her out. I rode for about 2 hrs. and only 5 minutes into the ride I realized "I love my bike". Sure am glad I have some people to share this thought with. :)
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but, i also love skiing, so i can't complain too much about this weather. at least give me some snow for crying out loud !

it is fun having a place to share this info, isn't it ! you can say it at home, but it doesn't get appreciated as much as on here sharing it with enthusiasts.
don't feel bad, its raining here right now, which was preceded by snow this morning and freezing rain this afternoon. get the trend ? its getting warmer. supposed to be close to 60 tomorrow ! in MA ! in Jan ! what the heck !!!
welcome RayB, great to have you. post often, and get some pics in the pic forum if you can.
whistle clean said:
My wife and I bought season ski passes to one of the local ski resorts last year and wouldn't ya know it.....no snow and to warm so any snow they got was wet and melting. :(

This year we are doing the "Pay as you go".
i hear ya there. we didn't have a whole lot of snow last year either and on top of that it was one of the colder winters on record. so, even when i did make it to the mountain when there was snow, i couldn't stay out for more than a few runs without freezing. and of course you know what freezing cold does to the snow, ouch ! last year was my second year on a snowboard, needless to say, i am back to the good ol reliable and fast skiis. i have only used my pass once this season, but hope to at least break ten, we'll see how mother nature helps me out with that !
whistle clean said:
I've looked at others on snowboards and thought to myself...."you just keeping using your skis". LOL :)
yeah, i think that is a wise choice. snowboarding is just so different. maybe if i started out with that i'd be ok, but i've been skiing for almost 20 years now so i have a certain mindset about how i should feel coming down the mountain. snowboarding just doesn't put me in that happy place !
trikebubble said:
I wish i could be riding my Meanie. I envy you all with decent westher. I just came in from starting the van, gotta let it run for at least 5 minutes before leaving for work. It will be awhile before I am back in the saddle again.
At least I can look forward to the motorbike show tomorrow.
Have a good one.
i hear ya about the warming up of the vehicles. my biggest problem with that is my truck is a diesel and the automatic warm up doesn't work right now, so i can't really leave it running. besides that, the thing doesn't make heat until it is under load. oh well, that's what i wanted !!! to think, some of the people on this forum only have remote start in their vehicles to cool off the AC before they get in !!
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