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I"M back! whoo hoo! well kinda haha

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Well i have returned to the forums but not to America just yet. I have R&R in March and i get to spend a whole day putting on all the new cool stuff i bought for my bike! Yay! For those that dont know i have a 05 ZX6R which i call bad luck because well if you know the stories then you know. lol Anyway wanted to stop by here like i did in off-topic and shout out to everyone i haven't talked to in forever and also of course show off the list of new stuff i got for my ride haha. :p

Vortex 520 Rear Sprocket - CAT5 [Rear Sprocket Size:46][Color:Gold]
Vortex 520 Front Sprocket - 15
Yoshimura RS5 Full Exhaust System with Stainless Steel Headers & Cone End Cap - Carbon Fiber
K&N Air Filter
DynoJet Power Commander 3 USB
Rear Seat Cowl
Clear Alternatives Red Tail Light with Integrated Signals
Gold DID 520VM G&B, 120 link X-Ring Professional Chain with Clip X type O-Ring Master Link
CCFL Halo 2 Eyes *cool light things for the headlights*
Freestyle Ingenuity Crash Cage
7 light LED kit w/remote

So i should have a nice full day of cursing and bleeding putting that all on... can't wait! lol

*oh and if anyone has any comments on what i got like alternatives or things they would add please feel free to let me know i have a little bit more breathing room in my budget for bike upgrades and any ideas are welcome!

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Can't wait to see it all done, especially the cage! Welcome back, stay safe for the next few months.
Thats quite a bit of stuff man, i hope you have fun and make sure and take pics!
Sweet! Can't wait to see the pictures!
Welcome back as I said before bro! Looks like you have a ton of work to do. So far so good...No questions on the upgrades...How about rearsets? Those are so money to get upgraded...Especially adjustable ones.
Hey Kevin what's up man, it's been a real long fuggen time!!!

Any major other updates apart from bike upgrades? How's the Army treatin' ya? And the wifey? :biggrin:

Make sure to get some pictures of those mods up once you're through with them... you know we like pictures :biggrin:

Take good care man and hope to see more of you around in the future.
I plan on keeping a log of pictures for each part i install sort of like a step by step thing for each one in case someone needs help with installing on their own bike.

I actually have decided to bite the bullet and get the rearsets, going to go with some Vortex race adjustable's. With the bar raisers and the adustables hopefully i can get a better riding position that doesn't kill my back or my wrists quite as much.

Hey whats up Stefano! uh, nothing much to update still in Iraq, plan on buying my first house when i get back so thats exciting/scary i come home fr R&R in March around the 25th so that should mean plenty of nice weather for riding after i install everything. I get 15 days and i plan on living it up!
Stay safe out there bro...Yeah rearsets are an incredible upgrade...I have mine high and back...Tuck away!
Well Army of Ninja Im right over here with ya man. Your list of stuff looks alot like I want to purchase for mine. I dont get to come home on r&r until August though. I hope you get back on this thread so I can see how all your stuff went. Stay safe over here so you can live to ride another day.
Good luck with the mods and stay safe.
What exactly are rear sets?
hey man give a shout out to all the Aggies over there for me let them know yall are all in our hearts and hope for your safe return. nice upgrades cant wait to see them finished and spoofie lol.

...he said he is in Kuwait on another one of his post...he hasnt been on here in three weeks...

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