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Re: I need real world in info

samurai01us said:
Fair enough. Now, keeping in mind that I've ridden up the coast highway in Ca. on a Yamaha R5 350, I've done a 2500 mile trip on an old Yamaha 650 twin, ridden through Death Valley Ca. on a 1972 Honda 500 four, and toured the southwest on a Honda 900F, what is it about the 600 that keeps it from being able to tour?
Don't want to lead you astray, the bike is a capable tourer in that it will certainly be able to make long trips the problem is the comfort aspect. A bike with an "R" ( Racing ! ) in it's name doesn't offer long distance comfort as a priority. Depends on the rider of course, if you're mid-sized or smaller, young and flexible well then you may not have a problem with multi hour rides on it. Obviously if you're 6'4" and over 200 pounds and not as flexible as Gumby, well I would imagine rider fatigue as a major issue to consider before a long trip.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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